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local_library A Guide To The Coasts Of Hants And Dorset
The topography of coastal towns and villages 30 years before the motor car.
Mackenzie Walcott   1859   188
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A Guide To The Coasts Of Hants And Dorset

A Guide To The Coasts Of Hants And Dorset by Mackenzie Walcott details the towns, villages and places of interest from Portsmouth in the East, through the Isle of Wight to Lyme Regis in the West.

The New Forest is represented and includes descriptions of walks, and rides along with journeys by rail and water. Interesting areas include Buckland Rings and Southampton's ancient walls.

From the author: "....We would hope that our pages pointing out the objects of real interest, and recalling those events and men which have given life, and the modes of thought which have imparted a romance to places, that may meet a welcome from the reader."

local_library A Handbook For Travellers In Hampsire And The Isle Of Wight
A descriptive journey via rail, omnibus, carriage and of course walking.
Various   1858   348
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A Handbook For Travellers In Hampsire And The Isle Of Wight

A fascinating book of routes through Hampshire and other southern counties.

Routes include:
Alton to Winchester
London to Winchester and Southampton via South Western Railway
Southampton to Salisbury
Southampton to Dorchester via the New Forest
Brockenhurst to Lymington, Christchurch and Bournemouth
Ringwood to Fordingbridge.

From the author: "The handbooks for the counties of Surrey and Hampshire, have been drawn up from a careful personal exploration of the country, and from the most recent information that could be obtained."

local_library A History of British Butterflies
Over 70 Butterfly species described and painted during the Victorian era.
Rev F O Morris   1890   344
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A History of British Butterflies

Francis Orpen Morris (1810-1893) was a Church of England clergyman and naturalist.

The book, A History of British Butterflies, was the standard butterfly book of the second half of the 19th-centruy, and today is considered a lepidopterological classic. The book includes stunningly detailed colour drawings of all the listed species.

From the author: "There is no one, whether old or young, or of whatever circumstances or rank in life, who can look without any feeling or emotion on the handiworks of Creation which surround him—who can behold a rich sunset, a storm, the sea, a tree, a mountain, a river, a rainbow, a flower, without some degree of admiration, and some measure of thought."

local_library A History of British Forest-Trees
Prideaux John Selby's personal view of Arboriculture in the19th Century.
Prideaux John Selby   1842   634
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A History of British Forest-Trees

Prideaux John Selby (1788-1867)

British Forest Trees was illustrated with wood engravings, which were based on his work planting his estate at Twizell House in Northumberland. The book was a landmark in arboriculture when it was published in 1842.

Selby was very gifted as an artist. He showed a great interest in ornithology from an early age and made his own notes and careful, coloured drawings of the birds in his district... his main interests were ornithology, forestry, and entomology.

local_library A History Of Hampshire Including The Isle Of Wight
Hampshire history from Prehistoric times to the late 19th century.
T W Shore   1892   295
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A History Of Hampshire Including The Isle Of Wight

The history of every county has been affected to some extent by its natural features, and this is especially the case in respect to that county whose history is sketched in this volume.

The County of Southampton or Hampshire has been much favoured by nature, and its natural advantages must have commended it to its early inhabitants, whose connection with it are traced in these pages.

Hampshire is, and always has been, a woodland county, and its forests have been much concerned with its history. The materials for the History of Hampshire are more abundant than those of most English counties, as will be seen in the following pages.

local_library A History Of Salisbury
Salisbury and its villages described through influences and antiquieties.
E E Dorling   1911   202
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A History Of Salisbury

We have boldly written A History of Salisbury on the title-page of this little book, although in truth that name seems too grandiloquent for so small and unaspiring an effort. Yet we are fain to hope that there may be nothing repellent in so proud a title.

Dip into our book, turn its modest pages and you shall find there no formidable string of dates, no lists of names of dead and forgotten worthies, no collection of dry-as-dust bric-a-brac, but a guide to simple facts, a handbook to tell you something of the beauties and the antiquities of this city, along with such necessary information as to its history as may perhaps elucidate the position from which we view it.

local_library A New Guide To Lymington
A description of Lymington and the wider forest through local journeys.
A Resident Gentleman   1841   145
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A New Guide To Lymington

This work had its origin in a book published circa 1790, entitled 'A Companion in a Tour Round Lymington,' by the Rev J Warner.

This, in the course of years, having become entirely obsolete, and almost forgotten, was made the foundation of the first edition of the present work, being altered and re-arranged so as to suit the changes and improvements which had been gradually taking place.

The town of Lymington is situated on the south-west-coast of Hampshire, at the extremity of the New Forest; through which lies the principal road leading from it to Southampton. Few spots in the kingdom can boast a greater portion of picturesque views, or beautiful and romantic scenery

local_library A Walk Through Southampton (Revision)
A revised description of antiquities and un-noticed places around Southampton.
Sir Henry C Englefield   1805   185
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A Walk Through Southampton (Revision)

An account of several curious remains of antiquity existing in the Town of Southampton, and which had either been totally unnoticed, or only very slightly mentioned, in the descriptions of that place hitherto published.

The author has ventured into the field of antiquarian research. But insists that: "not for a moment suppose that I aspire at the dignity of a historian of the place; a task for which neither my researches nor abilities have by any means qualified me".

Two major editions exist. This is the second edition with additional reseach. The author was aided by The Society of Antiquaries.

230 years of scholarly works. Each book is processed with OCR for comprehensive text searching.

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