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Recently Uploaded Films

🎬Roger Finn explores a remote part of Hampshire to see the wildlife and discover its unusual neighbor.

For Roger, this is an exclusive visit to what is probably the south's best protected wildlife habitat. Thousands of people see it from afar every day, but very few are allowed into the saltmarshes at Fawley Power Station.

Alison Jones, Fawley’s Community Affairs Manager, said: “We have worked incredibly hard over the years to not only protect our environment but to actively help it flourish. The saltmarsh and the reservoir are wonderful examples of how this care and effort has paid off. To be asked to feature in Finn’s Country was a great opportunity for us to share this work with the wider public.”

A BBC South Today Feature

NOVEMBER 21, 2023

🎬Roger Finn presents a short documentary about Aldo Galli who illustrated Watership Down.

Aldo graduated from Agricultural Sciences at the University of Milan in 1992 and moved to England in 2001.

"Creating the Watership Down collection was, without doubt, a unique experience and a great satisfaction. Quite possibly, it was the final development of an idea that I had unconsciously carried in the back of my mind since my childhood, when a Christmas I received as a present a novel that told the story of a band of rabbits…." Aldo Galli.

A BBC South Today Feature

NOVEMBER 21, 2023

🎬Roger Finn goes in search of Dragonflies in the New Forest. Doug Overton guides Roger through the delicate world of dragonfly spotting. Over half of the UK's forty dragonfly species can be found in the New Forest.

Identified Species:
Hairy dragonfly
Golden-ringed dragonfly
Broad-bodied chaser
Large red damselfly
Southern damselfly

A BBC South Today Feature

Find out more here:

NOVEMBER 21, 2023

🎬British Pathé – Full title reads: "Calshot. A Great Triumph for Pilot, the Air Force and British Aircraft! - 'Hats off' to Flt. Lt. Stainforth and the Vickers' Supermarine Rolls-Royce S6B - who have staggered the whole world by amazing record of 408.8 mph!"

NOVEMBER 20, 2023

🎬British Movietone - NO SOUND: Boys, 15 -18yrs old, learn how to build houses, the practical way, Various shots, laying bricks, planing wood,etc. Boys look at plan of house. Various shots of apprentices at work.

NOVEMBER 20, 2023

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Recently Featured Films & TV

🎬What's New In The Forest. Filmed by members of The Wildlife Society, featuring memorable footage of a working forest, as it was circa 1973.

A brief history to describe the forest, then and now. A look at the various species of deer to be found. The geology. Forest law and the New Forest. Eyeworth Pond, a special place. A look at some of the more unusual Flora. The Forest Lawns and grazing. Common rights. New Forest Pony as a breed. Red Fox on a hillside and beware of Adders in the long grass. Setting up a filming hide on a Bullfinch nest. A pony drift. The Agister's responsibilities. The pressures of traffic filmed and described. Pollution and the proximity of Fawley Refinery. The Forestry Commission management. Timber extraction. Regulation of caravanning and camping. Draining bogs. The pony sales at Beaulieu Road.

Narrated by Tony Askew

Jack Dalley Inkpen, Berkshire
May Dalley Inkpen, Berkshire
Ronald Downham Croydon, Surrey
Angela Hughes Hammoon, Dorset
Violet Maxse West Burton, Sussex
Frances Murphy Hampton, Middlesex
John Murphy Hampton, Middlesex
Peter Nichols Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey
John Norie Hicliffe, Dorset
David Orr Redgrave, Suffilk
Geoffrey Paulson-Ellis Headley, Hampsire
Jane Paulson-Ellis Headley, Hampsire
John Pitcher Epsom, Surrey
Ricky Pitcher Epsom, Surrey
Jack White ARPS Tifield, Berkshire
Norman Wylie-Moore Heathfield, Sussex

Featured Fauna and Flora:
Bog Aspendale
Bog Myrtle
Common Frog
Cotton Grass
Great Sallow
New Forest Ponies
Red Fox
Water Crowfoot
Wild Gladiolus

OCTOBER 11, 2023

🎬BBC South 50 years: Episode1 BBC South. A series of 19 mini-features made by BBC South at Southampton in 2011 to celebrate the station's 50 year history.

Episode 1 BBC South. Steve Humphrey tells the story of BBC South from the first broadcasts of South at Six. Introductory footage is from the British Pathé Archive.

NFG are indebted to the BBC staff at Southampton for their help in sourcing items for the archive. See more episodes in the Category - BBC South.

OCTOBER 11, 2023

🎬 Ytene England's Ancient Forest. An NHU Production for BBC2. Filmed over two years by Manuel Hinge and narrated by John Nettles.

'Ytene' is an ancient name for the area now known as the New Forest. It was the site of the Jutish Kingdom and translates as "Jute", or "of the Jutes". An early Anglo Saxon tribe known to live in the southern parts of Wessex.

Ytene explores the wildlife found in the New Forest in southern England. The woodland, bogs and heaths of the area are home to wild ponies, fallow deer, badgers, foxes, wildfowl, and insects. Seasonal changes are shown, and some elusive species, such as firecrests, hawfinches, woodlarks and tadpole shrimps are pictured.

The programme is interwoven with historical re-enactments and describes the change in land use from mediaeval times.

Filmed and Directed by Manuel Hinge
Music by Martin Kiszko
Film Editor Martin Elsbury
Dubbing Editor Angela Groves
Dubbing Mixer Graham Wild
Unit Manager Christina Hamilton
Production Assistant Elizabeth Toogood
Field Assistant Len Mummery
Sound Recordist Nigel Tucker
Produced by Steve Nicholls
Executive Producer John Sparks
Originally broadcast in The Natural World series 1995

This is the version as aired on BBC in 1995.
Our thanks to The Natural History Unit for supplying the original master.
Film upscaled by New Forest Gateway (Media Archive).

OCTOBER 11, 2023

🎬 The New Forest. A film exploring the rich landscape, people and forest traditions in the post war years.

18th century Agisters and pigs with rights to wander are just some of the ancient traditions celebrated in this beguiling look at life in the New Forest. Less familiar sights are captured, too, such as broom making and logging, forestry planting and sailing on the River Beaulieu near Buckler's Hard. No film about the area would be complete, though, without the famous Forest ponies – who are seen here in all their equine glory.

Filmmaker Roy Layzell made many films during this period including other local area films such as Pipelines Under Southampton Water in 1957.

Clifton Parker was a renowned British composer. With nearly 50 feature films under his belt, including The 39 Steps in 1959 and Sink The Bismark in 1960.

John Snagge (OBE) was the voice of the BBC from the war years to his retirement in 1980.

Featuring John Snagge
Music by Clifton Parker
Filmed and Directed by Roy Layzell
Original Cinema Release 1952

The film was commissioned by the Esso Petroleum Company in 1952, just as they were establishing a new refinery on the eastern edge of the New Forest at Fawley, but Forest Heritage is entirely concerned with the natural beauty and traditions of the area: ‘A place out of this modern world where simple pleasures are enough – a miraculous survival of pre-Norman England’.

OCTOBER 11, 2023

🎬 (aka) A NEW LIFE - Chris Packham looks at the £2.9m project to restore the New Forest's wetlands. The New Forest Life Partnership. Sustainable Wetland Restoration in the New Forest. The documentary was filmed over four years to show the work undertaken and the impact on the Forest's wetlands.

Presenter Chris Packham
Filmed by Manuel Hinge
Editor Peter Dobson
Carnyx Wild ©2006 & 2015

The Restoration Project ran from 2002 to 2006.
The project restored a total of:
🟢261 hectares of riverine woodland
🟢18 hectares of bog woodland
🟢141 hectares of wet grassland
🟢184 hectares of valley mire
🟢10 kilometres of river

More Information (Copy & Paste):

OCTOBER 11, 2023

🎬A look at Eric Ashby's commitment to the study & welfare of Badgers. Particularly those of the New Forest. Narrated by David Attenborough.

It looks at his ground breaking approach to filming badgers 'close up' in a purpose built Sett. He encouraged wild badgers to visit his sett and use it as if it were there own out lying retreat.

This is Eric's third noteable film for the BBC. Previous films: The Unknown Forest (1961). The Major (1963). Eric also wrote two books. The Secret Life of the New Forest (1989). My Life With Foxes (2000). Eric died on 6th Feb 2003.

Narrated by David Attenborough
Filmed and Directed by Eric Ashby
Film Editor Charles Aldridge
Sound Hugh Pearson
Series Editor Mick Rhodes
Produced by Caroline Weaver

OCTOBER 19, 2023

🎬British Pathé – Ordinary mortals get the chance to be cowboys and cowgirls in Hampshire. Story about the Flying G Ranch where friends and holidaymakers can enjoy "life on the range" and pretend to be cowboys. The ranch is owned by the transatlantic airline pilot Captain Leslie Gosling. C/U of a gun being loaded with bullets, cut to show man in cowboy hat and glasses (looks a bit incongruous) who is holding the gun. Horses are saddled up for a ride. Various footage of the holidaymakers riding their steeds around the ranch and out in open fields. They run into the local hunt which again looks strange - worlds colliding. Nice majestic western music accompanies shots of the riders. C/U of hamburgers being barbecued as the ramblers return for an outdoor feast. Good shots of the food being distributed and the riders enjoying their meals. A young cowboy and cowgirl polish their saddles. "We've never seen a sharpshooter in horn rimmed glasses before" quips the narrator as our friend from earlier shoots a few rounds and knocks down a few cans. The cowboys and cowgirls sit around on blankets listening to one of their group playing the guitar. I want to go. Cuts exist - see separate record

NOVEMBER 20, 2023

🎬Gaumont British Instructional Film includes wonderful sequences of a Pony Drift 70 years ago. Plus great shots of city life that still embraced horses.

New Forest ponies shown living on the open forest. A young horse named 'Tuppence' dreams of what it's like to be grown up. He imagines all types of roles for a grown up horse.

Working Horses in London merge seamlessly with modern motor cars and lorries, as they pull all types of carriages and carts. Long distance stagecoach work along Britain's arterial road network. Royal duties, conveying kings and queens. Working on the farm, a ploughing team.

Back on the New Forest. A question and answer section to see how observant the viewer has been.

A pony roundup or Drift. A sequence that includes an enthusiastic Border Collie running with it's master. The Narrator describes 'How to catch a pony': "Ride up behind it, grab hold of its tail and give several quick circular turns. With its balance upset, it is thrown to the ground. Dismount from your horse and sit on the ponies head. You can now put a halter on the pony".... SIMPLE.

Some excellent dynamic shots of riders and ponies as they reach and gather in the pound. Commoners using poles and rope loops to select ponies for a health check.

Stabling and horse riding. The final scene is of a family out and about, riding in one of London's great parks.

Gaumont British Instructional Ltd. Production
Released by General Film Distributors
J, Arthur Rank Presentation
Released in 1950

Formed in 1933, Gaumont British Instructional made nearly 400 films for schools and Cinema Clubs to educate and entertain children. Founder, Harry Bruce Woolfe had a passion for 'Visual Education' and with the help of other recruits from the ranks of British Gaumont staff, they worked closely with education establishments to produce a raft of films over the coming years. By 1954, Gaumont British Instructional had been absorbed into the Rank Organization's main body of production.

OCTOBER 14, 2023

🎬New Forest Badgers, Filmed by Manuel Hinge for BBC. Part of the 'Wildlife Shorts' season.

The badger is one of Britain's best-loved animals, and yet it is rarely seen. In the New Forest, the first evidence of the badgers are the setts which they occupy. But once an occupied sett has been spotted, many hours of patience are needed just to get the smallest glimpse of these elusive animals. This intimate portrait follows the badgers through their busiest time of year, giving an insight into their lives.

This is one of nineteen episodes from the Wildlife Shorts season.

Narrated by Allan Corduner
Filmed by Manuel Hinge
Editor Mike Crawford
Colourist Adrian Rigby
Dubbing Editor James Burchill
Dubbing Mixer Adam Palmer
Production Manager Jon Cox
Production Co-ordinator Clare Bean
Series Producer Webdy Darke
Executive Producer Vyv Simson
Producer Robert Yeoman
BBC Bristol

OCTOBER 14, 2023

🎬New Forest Adders, Filmed by Manuel Hinge for BBC. Narrated by Bill Oddie. Part of the 2005 'Wildlife Shorts' season.

The New Forest is one of the few places in Britain where you can find all six of the UK's reptile species living together - but the leader of the pack has to be the infamous adder.

This film offers a rare insight into the life of the adder, following them and the other reptiles through a typical season. The male adders emerge early in the year in this stunning setting. They soon shed their dull winter coat, reveal their bright spring colours, and then they are ready to find a mate through one of the most amazing and rarely seen wildlife spectacles...the adders' dance.

Narrated by Bill Oddie
Filmed by Manuel Hinge
Online Editor Michael Chichester
Online Editor Adrian Rigby
Dubbing Editor
Paul Fisher
Dubbing Mixer Adam Palmer
Production Manager Jon Cox
Production Co-ordinator Esther Purcell
Series Producer wendy Drake
Esecutive Producer Fiona Pitcher
Producer Robert Yeoman

BBC Bristol 2005

NOVEMBER 20, 2023

🎬 Part of the AMERICAN VISCOUNTESS series of programmes that looks at Britain's stately homes.

Not only is Beaulieu home to the National Motor Museum, but also to the extraordinary ruins of Beaulieu Abbey, which date back to the foundation of the monastery here in the thirteenth century. The more I visit historic houses around Britain, the more I realise how many of them have monastic roots.

In this episode, Lord Montagu guides me around some of the surviving buildings and shows me the exquisite wall hangings, stitched by his mother, which chart the history of the abbey. I also explore a hidden part of the Beaulieu estate where the well used by the monks still survives today. And I end my visit at the newly restored ice house – a glimpse back to the days when historic houses functioned more like life in the tv series, Downton Abbey.

NOVEMBER 20, 2023

🎬Roger Finn goes in search of Dragonflies in the New Forest. Doug Overton guides Roger through the delicate world of dragonfly spotting. Over half of the UK's forty dragonfly species can be found in the New Forest.

Identified Species:
Hairy dragonfly
Golden-ringed dragonfly
Broad-bodied chaser
Large red damselfly
Southern damselfly

A BBC South Today Feature

Find out more here:

NOVEMBER 21, 2023
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