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local_library Cradock Nowell, A Tale Of The New Forest Vol3
Cradock is banished by his father following the suspicious death of his twin brother.
R D Blackmore   1886   324
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Cradock Nowell, A Tale Of The New Forest Vol3

Cradock Nowell Volume 3: A tale of the New Forest is a three-volume novel by R. D. Blackmore published in 1866. Set in the New Forest and in London, it follows the fortunes of Cradock Nowell who is thrown out of his family home by his father following the suspicious death of Cradock's twin brother Clayton.

Extract Volume 3:
Although the South–Western Railway had been open so many years, our forest–child had never been further from green leaf and yellow gorse than Winchester in the eastern hemisphere, and Salisbury in the western. And now after all to think that she was going to London, not for joy, but sorrow.

local_library Domesday Tables For The New Forest
Domesday transcribed to tables. Showing details as they were for Tenant in Chief, Undertenant and Saxon Holder.
Francis Henry Baring   1909   28
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Domesday Tables For The New Forest

From the author: The attempt to reduce Domesday to a tabular form needs no apology.

Tables are horrible to most of us and many things are to be found in Domesday besides figures, but after all the main object of Domesday was to record statistics and it is well to have them in a convenient form; indeed without tables it is almost impossible to appreciate the facts recorded, for it is very difficult by merely reading the text to get a general view of even one feature in a single county.

It is in the hope of assisting the student to general views of the country as described in Domesday, not for the sake of the detail, that these tables have been printed ; but also that his general views may not be founded only upon county totals and averages.

local_library Early Wars Of Wessex
Casting new light (as of the time) on the 'Dark Ages'. Compiled from fragmentary records.
Albany F Major   1913   267
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Early Wars Of Wessex

Albany F Major (1858 to 1925)

The fragmentary nature of the records which tell us how Britain became England has led to many attempts at a reconstruction of the story from unwritten evidence. The reason, and perhaps the justification, for these endeavours is to be found in the fact that much of the early history of these islands remains writ large on the face of the country, if only we had the knowledge and ability to interpret the signs aright.

The following studies are based upon considerable personal knowledge of the west country, and an intimate acquaintance with the localities which figure more prominently in the argument.

local_library Fox Hunting Recollections
Fox-hunting recollections by Sir Reginald Graham.
Sir Reginald H Graham   1907   243
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Fox Hunting Recollections

Sir Reginald Henry Graham, 8th Baronet (1835 to 1920). Published by Eveleigh Nash in 1907.

Contents Includes: The Beaufort Hunt; The Burton Hunt; The Cotswold Hunt; The New Forest Hunt; The Tedworth Hunt; The Hurworth Hunt.

From the text: After the Deer Removal Act of 1851 the red deer were ordered to be destroyed, and Captain Buckworth Powell of Foxlease, with Mr. Hay Morant of Brockenhurst Park, were some of the first to start a few couples to hunt them. Then Mr. Grantley Berkeley, with two or three bloodhounds, killed a few, and they all gradually disappeared.

local_library From Harbour To Harbour
The story of Christchurch from the earliest times to the present day (1916).
Nancy Bell   1916   335
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From Harbour To Harbour

Nancy Bell (Aka - Mrs Arthur Bell)

From the author: From whatever point of view the beautiful coast district between Christchurch Estuary and Poole Harbour is considered, it is full of absorbing interest. The student of geology and prehistoric lore, the archaeologist, the historian, and the naturalist find in it an inexhaustible field of enquiry, whilst its romantic scenery affords an infinite variety of subjects for the artist.

From the text:The oldest strata now to be considered are the Bagshot sands of lacustrine or fluviatile origin beneath Poole Harbour, that extend eastwards till they are replaced near Hengistbury Head by the Bracklesham sands, which differ greatly from them. These sands were laid down in a southern sea, not in such fresh or brackish water as the earlier Bagshot beds, a sea that extended over much of what was to become Northern France, and gradually increased in depth during the formation of the deposits, layers of shells of mollusca such as could not have lived in shallow water occurring in them.


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