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local_library The White Company
A tale of battles and chivalry. Alleyne Edricson joins Sir Nigel Loring and The White Company
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle   1891   485
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The White Company

Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle (1859 to 1930).

The White Company. The story is set in England, France, and Spain, in the years 1366 and 1367, against the background of the campaign of Edward, the Black Prince, to restore Peter of Castile to the throne of the Kingdom of Castile.

The climax of the book occurs before the Battle of Nájera. The "White Company" of the title is a free company of archers, led by one of the main characters. The name is taken from a real-life 14th-century Italian company,

local_library Thirty Five Years In The New Forest
A personal view of The New Forest away from the task of managing of 92,000 acres.
G W Lascelles   1915   324
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Thirty Five Years In The New Forest

Gerald Lascelles was the 2nd Deputy Surveyor of the New Forest from 1880 to 1914. This book contains a detailed account of the author's time at The Queen's House in Lyndhurst while overseeing 92,000 acres. The The Forestry Commission was not established till 1919.

From the author: "....From the time of my appointment to that of my retirement, my leisure hours, except when on leave, were few, and had always to be made up for by working double tides. My home, however, was in the New Forest, at the old King's House (the Queen's House for all the earlier years of my service) at Lyndhurst ; and it is with my experiences there, rather than with my other work, that I propose to deal in these pages. I do not propose to attempt anything in the shape of a history of the New Forest that would be a difficult and much more serious undertaking!"

local_library Thomas Hardy's Wessex
The real locations that inspired the writing of Thomas Hardy.
Hermann Lea   1913   343
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Thomas Hardy's Wessex

Hermann Lea (1869-1952)

From the author: The object of this book, as its title indicates, is to depict the Wessex country of Thomas Hardy, with a view to discovering the real places which served as bases for the descriptions of scenery and backgrounds given us in the novels and poems. The Wessex of the novels and poems is practically identical with the Wessex of history, and includes the counties of Berkshire, Wilts, Somerset, Hampshire, Dorset and Devon.

It is believed that Moyles Court near Ringwood was the setting for Bramhurst Court in Tess of the D'Urbervilles. On the edge of Hardy's 'Great Forest'.

local_library Topographical and Statistical Description of The County of Hants
Detailed desciption of Roads (1819), Rivers, Lakes, Towns and Local Industry.
G A Cooke   1819   150
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Topographical and Statistical Description of The County of Hants

A detailed desciption of Roads and their condition in 1819. Plus a list of Rivers and Lakes. Towns are detailed along with local industry, mining, fisheries, trade and commerce. A look at the agriculture for each area. Details of regular markets including the type of produce for sale. Curiosities, Antiquities and Natural History.

From the text: A COPIOUS TRAVELLING GUIDE: Exhibiting The Direct and principal Cross Heads, Inns and Distance of Stages, and Noblemen's and Gentlemen's Seats, Forming a COMPLETE COUNTY ITINERARY.

local_library Wanderings In Wessex
Edric Holmes journeys around Southern England including the New Forest.
Edric Edwin Holmes   1922   384
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Wanderings In Wessex

Edric Edwin Holmes (1873 to 1949).

From the author: Badgers and otters are common, as is the ubiquitous squirrel. The badger, however, is seldom seen by the chance visitor by reason of its nocturnal habits, but it is said to be more numerous than in any similar wild tract in the south. The smaller wild mammals, carnivorous and herbivorous, and a truly representative family of birds, including one or two rare visitors, have here a perfect sanctuary. The forest is obviously a happy hunting ground for the lepidopterist and botanist....

....Not far from Stoney Cross on the way to Fritham, are a number of prehistoric graves clustered closely together, and an interesting relic of the Roman occupation exists at Sloden where there are mounds of burnt earth, charcoal, and broken pottery.


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